Liliya Kent Dangerous Grandmother

by rachel80green

Liliya Kent Dangerous Grandmother

Liliya Kent A Dangerous Grandmother From Ukraine

“Liliya Kent has thrown sharp glass and metal objects at me and my 2 ½ month old baby”

Source Liliya Kent FaceBook and others *

I am aware of police failures and also court failures, but this one should not pass by the public. 

Liliya (age 43) married Eric (age 80)


Liliya Kent with her 80 year old husband *Source

Liliya Kent was born in Ukraine under the name Liliya Dubovaya on January 15, 1971. The Ukrainian woman who married an American man, almost 40 years her senior, was referred to by her son Mark Dubovoy as a “gold digger”.  Lives in Sarasota, Florida.

It get’s even more interesting. 

Married or single?

Out in the open Liliya is announcing that she is in a relationship only 8 months after getting married. Nor Erik the husband or the kids can be seen on her FaceBook and not her grandchild.


Named “gold digger” and “bitch and a whore”


She has 3 sons which, based on court documents, don’t have so much respect for their mother…. 
Liliya Kent told the court that Mark Dubovoy (in his twenties) is dangerous with multiple arrests and criminal history. Liliya, who was working in a flower store until meeting Erik Kent. They live on Siesta Key but according to the pictures on the web, she is often seen partying on her own and seldomly shows herself with Eric Kent. Erik owns several properties and an antique store, at which Liliya is listed as a “designer”.  According to court filings, Liliya Kent is described as a “bitch and a whore”.


Liliya Kent is a Dangerous Grandmother

Liliya’s son, Mark Dubo moved back to Sarasota, FL with his girlfriend, Nicole Duffy and they had a newborn, 2.5 months old. They resided with Lilian, the new grandmother and Eric Kent, her 80 year old new husband. According to court documents, Nicole was forced to call the police several times because Liliya was throwing sharp pieces of glass and metal objects at both her and the newborn. 

Here is Nicole’s court statement laid in front of Judge Debra Riva:

” On numerous occasions, Liliya Kent has thrown sharp glass and metal objects at me and my 2 ½ month old baby, which can kill people such as me and my child. HELP!!

Illustration only. The real baby can be seen on Nicole Duffy (Sarasota) Facebook*

Unfortunately, law enforcement officers are not present when by child and myself are at home and can’t protect me from Liliya Kent who has threatened my life and my child’s life or prevent her from throwing these foreign objects at me and my child.

Liliya Kent has stated MANY times that her and husband Erik Kent own all of the judges in Sarasota County and will take care of me and my boyfriend. Liliya Kent does “NOT” solely own home and has several other vacant properties to live at. I, Nicole Duffy, do not. I am AFRAID for my life and my child’s life and NEED HELP NOW. Respondent/landlord is my child’s paternal grandmother.”

UPDATE 7.26.2014

Thanks to all those kind people that support Nicole Duffy and her child and want to protect them. My team and I are on the West Coast but we promise to contact the local authorities for further investigation. We will keep you posted.


Yegor Klimantovich AKA Egor Klimantovich

We have received a lot of information about Liliya Kent and the, seem to be, boyfriend Yegor Klimantovich AKA Egor Klimantovich. He was arrested several times and he is about 9 years younger than Liliya Kent who is married to Eric kent about 38-40 years older than her. 

Update: a source just revealed that Yegor, Liliya’s lover, is actually working for… Eric Kent, Liliya Kent’s husband.  

Yegor/Egor Klimantovich arrested in 2006
Yegor/Egor Klimantovich arrested in 2006 *
Yegor/Egor Klimantovich arrested for drugs 2014
Yegor/Egor Klimantovich arrested for drugs 2014 *

Grandmother Lilya Kent is partying 

Liliya (43) married to Eric Kent (80) is dating Yegor/Egor (34) in the open. From information we received, Egor in the cleaning/fixing business and is not doing financially too well and is proud to be dating grandmother Liliya, 9 years younger than him. 

Yegor the boyfriend *Source link

Liliya Kent with her 80 year old husband * Source link

Is Eric Kent aware?

We asked informants if Eric kent (80) is aware of all that is going on or is it behind his back? Can it be that poor Eric is not connected to the internet and does not know what is going on? Who will financially benefit from is late age? How is it possible that Liliya just registered a house on their names while partying with Egor?

Court documents 


Nicle Duffy Vs. Eric and Liliya Kent
Nicle Duffy Vs. Eric and Liliya Kent
Nicle Duffy Vs. Eric and Liliya Kent
Nicle Duffy Vs. Eric and Liliya Kent
Nicole Duffy Vs. Eric and Liliya Kent
Update: I was contacted by Nicole Duffy who seemed, to me, to be scared. She was asking me to stop exposing Liliya Kent and asked me to read between the lines. My answer was that she should seek help to protect her from Liliya Kent. 

Information provided by the authorities. Blog will continu to update with more information provided by the public. Picture of the crying baby for illustration reasons only.

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AKA: Liliya A Dubovaya or Liliya D Kent